Women on Board: Training Women to be Leaders in the Boardroom

Women on Board: Training Women to be Leaders in the Boardroom


ACI congratulates the graduates of Women on Board: Training Women to Be Leaders in the Boardroom!

The following professionals have earned an official certificate of completion for this course: 

Adrian Andrews
Rana Belshe
Megan Lea Bhatt
Danielle Sass Byrnett
Caitriona Cooke
Abigail Corso
Krista Egger
Denee Evans
Pat Fox
Ann Garvey
Kathy Greely
Barbara Hernesman
Karie Johnson
Janja Lupse
Laura Nelson
Carol Ohnsman
Kim Phillipi
Sarah Poe
Maggie Ramos
Sydney Roberts
Lisbet Searle-White
Tessa Shin
Kimberly Wells
Kristina Wetherbee
Kendall Youngblood 
The following participants have provided information about the boards on which they are interested in serving. If your board is seeking qualified candidates, please feel free to contact these graduates:
Conservation Connection Consulting
Board interest: organizations with a commitment to reducing residential electric use, improved home performance, ecological sustainability, resource efficiency and helping households understand how their choices impact utility costs
Program Manager, Better Buildings Neighborhood Program
U.S. Department of Energy
Board interest: nonprofit organizations focused on energy, the environment, and/or sustainability
Director of Operations
Board interest: on-profit organizations involved in renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental concerns, sustainability, or wildlife protection/conservation

What is Women on Board: Training Women to Be Leaders in the Boardroom?

Women on Board: Training Women to Be Leaders in the Boardroom is a four-part online training series presented by Ann Atkinson, Ed. D.  that examines the importance of women's participation on boards, provides guidance and resources for those interested in joining boards, and identifies what makes board members successful contributors to the organizations they lead. This training is ideal for women in any industry, whether they're currently serving on a board or directors or have never been a board member before!

If you're interested in:

  • Sharpening your skills to make a greater impact on the board you currently serve
  • Knowing the important questions to ask before commiting to serve on a board
  • Identifying the right board for your skills and objectives
  • Learning the questions that must be addressed to achieve strategic growth in any organization
  • Exploring the financial responsibilities of board members, including liability and fundraising obligations
  • Being a fully functioning director on your first day in the boardroom

...then this series is for you! 

Purchasing Information

The entire series is available for purchase for $289 at the Live Learning Center through the ACI Library. The series includes:

Session 1: Getting Started
Session 2: Board and Staff Roles and Partnerships
Session 3: Planning
Session 4: Wrap-Up

Series Graduates

If you registered for the series but missed a presentation, don't worry! You can download all presentations in the series through the Live Learning Center at the ACI Library

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