Name Title Organization
Mary Pat Aardrup Healthy Sustainable Homes Coordinator City of Fort Collins
Dave Abrey Director of Quality Assurance GreenHomes America, LLC
Peter Adamczyk Managing Consultant Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Cynthia Adams Executive Director Local Energy Alliance Program
Jensen Adams Associate Executive Director Metropolitan Energy Center
Ben Adams Vice President of Program Development MaGrann Associates
Tiger Adolf Director of Program Design and Market Development Building Performance Institute, Inc.
John Ahearn Program Manager NYSERDA
Robb Aldrich Senior Mechanical Engineer Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Keith Aldridge President Advanced Energy
Eli Allen Director of Market Transformation Civic Works
Jennifer Amann Buildings Program Director American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Bill Angell Professor and Director University of Minnesota
Thomas Anreise Building Science Specialist Fluid
Jared Asch Business Development Manager BKi
Jean Ascoli Architect, Building Energy Specialist University of Illinois Smart Energy Design Assistance Center
Ann Atkinson CEO Atkinson & Associates, LLC
Gabe Ayala Chief Business Development Officer Enovative Group, Inc.
Liz Babcock Residential Energy Program Administrator, Denver Energy Challenge City & County of Denver
Steve Baden Executive Director RESNET
Michael Baechler Program Manager Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Emily Bailey-Burns Grant Manager Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
Norman Bair Quality Improvement Trainer State of Wisconsin
Nancy Barba Senior Program Manager Bki Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.
Brad Bartholomew President Energy Saving Services
Shelley Beaulieu Deputy Program Manager TRC Solutions
Jonathan Beers Residential Services Manager Madison Gas & Electric
Amy Beley Senior Project Manager Build It Green
Rana Belshe Principal Conservation Connection Consulting
Robin Berg Soul Moxie
Jackie Berger President APPRISE Inc.
Ludy Biddle Executive Director NeighborWorks of Western Vermont
Ameer Bishay Manager ICF International
Jenae Bjelland Director of Healthy Homes National Association for State Community Services Programs
Rod Blaine Director of Administration Commission on Economic Opportunity
Michael Blasnik Principal M. Blasnik & Associates
Sean Bleything Consultant Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Jon Bluey Project Manager Community Housing Partners
Norm Bourassa Scientific Research Engineer, Home Energy Saver Products Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Greg Bradshaw President & Owner Bradshaw Building Solutions, Inc.
Terry Brennan President Camroden Associates
Tom Brodbeck Owner Universal Energy
Annette Bubak President Nevada Energy Star Partners
Jonathan Budner Manager 1 Southern California Edison
Jane Bugbee Program Administrator The United Illuminating Company
Benjamin Bunker Associate ICF International
Bryan Burris Trainer Energy Solutions
Steve Byers CEO EnergyLogic, Inc.
Danielle Byrnett Director, Better Buildings Neighborhood Program US Department of Energy
Chet Campbell Production Manager Veterans Green Jobs
David Carroll Managing Director APPRISE Inc.
Amanda Chiu Energy Consultant Energetics Incorporated
Jayne Choi Senior Energy Analyst CNT Energy
Cory Chovanec Building Science Specialist Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Ryan Clemmer Building Performance Manager Clean Energy Works Oregon
Jonathan Cohen Energy Technology Program Specialist US Department of Energy
Chris Compton Founder and CEO
Chase Counts Trainer Energy Solutions
Anthony Cox Building Science Manager New River Center for Energy Research and Training
Neil Curtis Planning & Development Manager Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Kelly Cutchin Technical Analyst Simonson Management Services
Greg Dalhoff Owner Dalhoff Associates, LLC
John Davies Manager Opportunity Council's Building Performance Center
Laure-Jeanne Davignon Program Manager Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Bob De Vries Technical Services Manager Nu-Wool Insulation Co Inc
Nick Dirr Director of Multifamily Technical Services Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Scott Donelson President Home Energy Medics
Doug Donovan CEO Interplay Energy, LLC
Chris Dorsi Principal Habitat X
Eric Doub President & Founder Ecofutures Building, Inc.
Tom Downey Chief Technical Officer Proctor Engineering Group Ltd
Eric Dubin Manager of National Accounts and Utilities Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
Denny Duchene Founder/Principal Inspired Green
Richard Duncan Consultant Spray Foam Coalition
Steve Dunn Project Officer US Department of Energy
Skye Dunning President Building Performance Specialists
Andre Duurvoort Energy Analyst Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Steve Easley Principal Steve Easley & Associates
Bill Eckman Lead Trainer New Mexico Energy $mart Academy
Ann Edminster Owner and Founder Design AVEnues LLC
Jeremy Epstein Commercial Energy Efficiency & Finance Specialist Boulder County
Amanda Evans Director, New Mexico Energy Smart Academy Sante Fe Community College
Denee Evans Executive Director EnergyFit Nevada
Matt Ewalt Geospatial Program Manager ICF International
Richard Faesy Principal Energy Futures Group, Inc.
Rob Falke President National Comfort Institute
Jeff Farlow Program Manager-Energy Initiatives Pentair Aquatic Systems
Kevin Farrell Director of Training Services Conservation Services Group
Carl Fawcett Director of Financing Programs Conservation Services Group
Amy Fazio Chief Executive Officer ACI (Affordable Comfort, Inc.)
Diane Ferington Residential Sector Lead Energy Trust of Oregon
Ene Finet Principal Finet Saksniit Energy Management Consulting, Inc.
Laura Fiori Residential Energy Manager Local Energy Alliance Program
Dana Fischer Residential Program Manager Efficiency Maine
William Fisk Senior Scientist/Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lesley Fore Key Accounts Manager Local Energy Alliance Program
Pat Fox Director, IREC Credentialing Program Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Paul Francisco Program Coordinator University of Illinois
Michael Furze Green Initiatives Manager New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
Dean Gamble Technical Manager US Environmental Protection Agency
Eric Gardner Vice President New Ecology, Inc.
Rick Gazica Senior Associate ICF International
Colin Genge CEO and Owner Retrotec, Inc.
Jay Gentry President Con-Com-T, Inc.
Chris Gerardi Associate New Dawn, LLC
Lydia Gill-Polley President Constructive Consulting
Joan Glickman Home Energy Score US Department of Energy
Betsy Glynn Program Officer Boston LISC
Kevin Gobble Weatherization Manager Habitat for Humanity
Clarke Gocker Director of Workforce Initiatives PUSH Buffalo
Amanda Godward Owner & Chief Energy Engineer Ecotelligent Homes
Charlie Gohman Manager Arizona Home Performance with Energy Star Program Foundation for Senior Living
Aaron Goldfeder CEO EnergySavvy
Rose Grant Program Director State Farm Insurance
Kathy Greely Vice President of Residential Services Performance Systems Development, Inc.
Ben Gromicko Director of Education International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Kyle Haddock Vice President, BD EIC/Comfort Home
Joe Hall Owner Joe Hall Energy Consulting, LLC
Karen Hamilton Director NYSERDA
Stan Harbuck Trainer A Better School of Building Inspection
Bruce Harley Technical Director Conservation Services Group
Sophia Hartkopf Project Manager Heschong Mahone Group, Inc.
Gavin Hastings Account Executive Arizona Public Service
Caroline Hazard Program Director SRA International, Inc.
Gavin Healy Co-Owner Balance Point Home Performance, Inc.
Ed Hegwood Instructor Rocky Mountain Education Center
Dave Hepinstall Executive Director Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Anastasia Herk Building Performance Specialist IBACOS, Inc.
David Heslam Executive Director Earth Advantage Institute
Damian Hodkinson Vice President True Energy Solutions Inc
Andy Holzhauser Chief Executive Officer Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance
Phil Hull Director of Training New River Center for Energy Research and Training
Laura Hutchings CEO Populus, LLC
Luke Ilderton Director of Energy Efficiency Programs Energy Outreach Colorado
Stephanie Inglis Director Creative Engagement motum b2b
Roderick Jackson R&D Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ely Jacobsohn Program Manager, Home Performance with Energy Star US Department of Energy
Phil Jeffers President Energy Design Systems, Inc.
John Johansen Energy Technology Program Specialist US Department of Energy
Karie Johnson Marketing Carrier Corporation
Chris Jones Residential Operations Director Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance
Jonathan Jordan Senior Manager ICF International
Rick Karg President - Owner R.J. Karg Associates
Dan Kartzman President and Founder Powersmith Home Energy Solutions
Jay Karwoski Senior Associate ICF International
Margaret Kelly Senior Energy Engineer Northeast Utilities
Emily Kemper Technical Manager, Residential Engineering Team Portland Energy Conservation Inc.
Kevin Kennedy Managing Director Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics
Kelvin Keraga Senior Project Manager, EmPower New York NYSERDA
Eyu-Jin Kim Project Manager Southface Energy Institute
Larry Kinney President & Chief Technology Office Synertech Systems Corporation
Eric Kjelshus Owner Eric Kjelshus Energy
Gary Klein Managing Partner Affiliated International Management LLC
Kat Klingenberg Executive Director Passive House Institute US
Steve Klocke Sustainability Consultant Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Bill Klotz Business Development Everblue Training Institute
Michelle Knaszak Vice President GreenHomes America, LLC
Richard Knaub Project Leader National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Bob Knight President Bki Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.
Seth Kolodziejski Field/Trade Ally Manager Conservation Services Group
Alex Kontras Asst. Regional Coordinator & Data Manager BetterBuildings for Michigan
Dick Kornbluth Owner Dick Kornbluth, LLC
Mark Kravatz Outcome Broker Providence Green & Healthy Home Initiative
Paul Kriescher Principal Lightly Treading, Inc.
John Krigger President Saturn Resource Management, Inc.
Nikki Kuhn Senior Consultant Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Joe Kuonen Program Manager CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
Brian Kurtz Manager of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs Long Island Power Authority
Edgard Laborde Coordinator Power Up Communities
Robin LeBaron Managing Director National Home Performance Council Inc.
Scott Ledford Principal ICF International
Tim Lenahan Research Director APPRISE Inc.
Brennan Less Research Assistant Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Emily Levin Planning and Development Manager Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Jeannette LeZaks Research Analyst Energy Center of Wisconsin
Joseph Lstiburek Principal Building Science Corporation
Bill Lucas-Brown Co-Owner GB3 Energy Solutions
Corbett Lunsford Founder Green Dream Group LLC
Dan Lutz Existing Homes Project Manager Advanced Energy
Mike MacDonald Consultant to Oak Ridge National Laboratory SRA International, Inc.
Don MacOdrum Executive Director Home Performance Guild of Oregon
Lani MacRae Energy Technology Specialist US Department of Energy
Joseph Malcarne President Malcarne Contracting Inc
Mini Malhotra Research Staff Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bruce Manclark Senior Consultant Fluid
Alicia Marrs WaterSense New Homes Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator US Environmental Protection Agency
Peter Mayer Principal Water Demand Management
Doug McCleery VP of Technical Services MaGrann Associates
Elizabeth McCollum Implementation Project Manager Heschong Mahone Group, Inc.
Charlie McCracken HVAC Technical Rep and Trainer Conservation Services Group
Al McMahon Trainer/Program Liaison New York State Weatherization Directors Association
Bill Meehan National Manager of Quality Assurance Building Performance Institute, Inc.
Noel Merket Engineer National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Marc Milin Principal ICF International
Bret Monroe President Monroe Infrared Technology, Inc.
Mike Moore Professional Engineer Newport Ventures, Inc.
Rich Moore Owner Invisible Energy
Dulane Moran Project Director Research Into Action
Courtney Moriarta Senior Project Manager SRA International, Inc.
Paul Morin Technical Sales Specialist The Energy Conservatory
Neil Moyer Principal Research Engineer Florida Solar Energy Center
Becca Murphy Assistant Director Business Development Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership
Casey Murphy Senior Manager ICF International
Joe Nagan Owner Home Building Technology Services
John Neal Energy Analyst Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Eileen Nebhut Director of Programs & Services Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Robert Nemeth Director of Research University of Illinois Smart Energy Design Assistance Center
Rob Nicely Owner & President Carmel Building & Design
Kerry O'Neill Director of Residential Programs Clean Energy Finance and Investment
Josh Olsen Policy Advisor US Department of Energy
Becky Olson Home Energy Program Director Neighborhood Energy Connection
Ken Palmer Vice President of Sales and Marketing ACT Inc D'Mand Systems
Taina Palombo-Price Director of Marketing Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Joanne Panchana Senior Program Manager Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Robert Parkhurst Low Income Project Manager Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Bill Parlapiano Director of Business Development - Energy Response Corps Knauf Insulation
Mac Pearce Environmental Health Consultant Environmental Health Consultant LLC
Lily Perkins-High Project Manager WegoWise, Inc.
Dan Perunko Co-Owner Balance Point Home Performance, Inc.
Kate Peters BetterBuildings Program Director New Hampshire Community Development Authority
Bob Pfeiffer Building Science Specialist Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Scott Pigg Principal Project Manager Energy Center of Wisconsin
Ben Polly Engineer National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Kevin Powell Residential Buildings Team Manager SRA International, Inc.
Duncan Prahl Senior Building Performance Specialist IBACOS, Inc.
John Proctor CEO Proctor Engineering Group Ltd
Sri Puttagunta Senior Building Systems Engineer Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Aron Ralston
William Ranes Program Manager Washington State University
Sam Rashkin Chief Architect, Building Technologies Program US Department of Energy
Paul Raymer Chief Investigator Heyoka Solutions LLC
Ken Reese Senior Account Executive Decision Analyst Inc.
Jim Riggins Owner EnerSmart Energy Solutions
David Roberts Senior Engineer, Residential Buildings Research Group National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sydney Roberts Director of Applied Building Science Southface Energy Institute
Liz Robinson Executive Director Energy Coordinating Agency
Dave Robinson Principal GreenEarthEquities
Mike Rogers President OmStout Consulting
Adam Romano Director of Training Operations Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Dick Rome Technical Specialist-HVAC Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Bill Rose Senior Research Architect University of Illinois
Russell Ruch Energy Analyst CNT Energy
Armin Rudd Principal Engineer Building Science Corporation
Coby Rudolph Director of Chapters and Grassroots Efficiency First California
Emily Salzberg Energy Specialist Washington State University
Donna Sanders Energy Analyst & Co-owner 106 Greenway
Kara Saul Rinaldi Executive Director National Home Performance Council Inc.
Rachel Scheu Director of Research CNT Energy
Lisa Schmidt Vice President of Marketing Legacy Builders
John Schott Project Manager NYSERDA
William Schweiger Operations Manager Town of Babylon
Matt Schwoegler Media and Course Developer Infrared Training Center
Adrian Scott Building Science Specialist Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Suzanne Shelton CEO The Shelton Group
Dale Sherman Development Specialist New York State Weatherization Directors Association
John Siegenthaler Principal Appropriate Designs
Derek Smith CEO Clean Energy Works Oregon
Essie Snell Senior Research Associate E Source
Jen Somers Senior Policy Advisor US Department of Energy
Bill Spohn President & CEO TruTech Tools, LTD
Pat Stanton Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Conservation Services Group
Cal Steiner Program Manager State of North Dakota
Barry Stephens Business Development & Technical Director Zehnder America Inc
Andy Stone Executive Director New York State Weatherization Directors Association
Susie Strife Sustainability Coordinator Boulder County
Adam Studdard Product Manager Conservation Services Group
Laura Stukel Realtor & Real Estate Consultant L W Reedy Real Estate
Cyd Swaim Energy Upgrade California Program Manager Southern California Gas Company
Grant Swanson Co-Owner GB3 Energy Solutions
Meera Tandon Energy Efficiency Engineer Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.
Troy Tanner President The Home Energy Detective, Inc.
Deacon Taylor President Sangfroid, Inc.
Jackie Tellier Marketing Specialist Conservation Services Group
Darrel Tenter Systems Developer and Curriculum Specialist Saturn Resource Management, Inc.
Greg Thomas CEO Performance Systems Development, Inc.
Ed Thomas Executive Director Peak Load Management Alliance
Dan Thomsen President The Building Doctors, Inc.
Claudia Tighe Account Manager - Retrofit Ramp-Up / Building Technologies Program US Department of Energy
Jason Todd Training Manager GreenHomes America, LLC
Ellen Tohn Principal Tohn Environmental Strategies
Bruce Tonn President Three3
John Tooley Senior Building Science Consultant Advanced Energy
Peter Troast President & CEO Energy Circle PRO
Selma Tucker Administrator & Regional Coordinator BetterBuildings for Michigan
Brad Turner Program Manager Southface Energy Institute
Bill Turner President/CEO Turner Building Science & Design, LLC
Garry Upton Executive Vice President Decision Analyst Inc.
Kimberly Vermeer President Urban Habitat Initiatives, Inc.
Chandler von Schrader Nat'l Manager, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR US Environmental Protection Agency
Subid Wagley Technology Development Manager US Department of Energy
Andy Wahl Owner AC Home Performance, Inc.
Eric Walker Co-Founder & Green Program Director PUSH Buffalo
Jeremy Wallrich Home Performance Specialist Newcomb and Company
Peter Waring Owner Healthier Dwelling
Larry Weingarten
Eric Werling Building America Coordinator US Department of Energy
J West Training Supervisor CEDA of Cook County, Inc.
John White Program Manager ICF International
Sarah Widder Research Engineer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jacqueline Wiese Energy Analyst CNT Energy
Linda Wigington Residential Energy Consultant Wigington Associates
Dan Wildenhaus Senior Building Science Specialist Fluid
Keith Williams Owner Building Services & Consultant LLC
Jeff Williams Co-Principal Investigator Michigan Saves
Clyde Wilson Assistant Extension Educator US Environmental Protection Agency
Justin Wilson President Construction Instruction
Jonathan Wilson Deputy Director National Center for Healthy Housing
Chuck Wilson Program Director Small Town Energy Program (STEP)
Cat Wilt Director of the Center for Clean Products University of Tennessee
Tim Woolf Vice President Synapse Energy Economics, Inc.
Mark Wyman Associate Project Manager NYSERDA
Deborah Young Professor Colorado State University
Scott Young General Manager - Retrofits DOW Building Solutions
Larry Zarker Chief Executive Officer Building Performance Institute, Inc.
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