Q: What is the difference between a Sustaining Partner and a Sponsor?

A: Sustaining Partners are companies and organizations that invest in the Home Performance Coalition's mission year-round. Sponsors typically provide support to a regional or national event (or a combination of regional and national events) and receive event-specific recognition. 

Q: Why should my organization sponsor? 

A: Being a sponsor of HPC events allows your organization the opportunity to brand critical educational conferences for home performance and weatherization professionals and provides outstanding benefits such as complimentary registrations, complimentary booth space or discounts, and increased promotional visibility during the conferences.   Sponsors also get access to unique opportunities such as invitations to the exclusive VIP Networking Reception during our National Conference and subscription packages to HP Works, the home performance and weatherization industry's jobs board.  In short, sponsors stand apart from the crowd, and more importantly they have the unique opportunity to help shape the conversation related to the home performance industry.

Q: I am not sure of my budget. Are there sponsorships options?

A: Yes, there are sponsorship levels for almost every budget.  Have a great idea for a sponsorship? Give us a call and we will work with you to create a customized sponsor package!

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