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Deep Energy Reductions

Deep energy reductions are whole-house retrofits that reduce a home's energy consumption by 70% or more and go beyond conventional upgrades, such as replacing HVAC equipment and other household appliances, to address all of the systems in a home that affect energy use.

1000 Home Challenge

The Thousand Home Challenge aims to transform North American housing stock through deep enegy reductions and provides a roadmap for homeowners, building professionals, and communities to develop deep integrated solutions to the problems of housing affordability, durability, and sustainability. These reductions will be achieved through a combination of energy efficiency, renewable resources, community-based solutions, and behavioral choices. Learn more


Deep Energy Reductions in Exisiting Homes
Paper for ACEEE Summer Study by Linda Wigington

Home Energy magazine Climate Solutions Issue 2008
Moving Toward Carbon Neutrality / Nine Steps to Deep Reductions by Linda Wigington

One Year Later: Moving Existing Homes Toward Carbon Neutrality
This White Paper by Linda Wigington, Special Projects Director ACI, was inspired by the July 2007 ACI Summit.

Resources for Deep Energy Reductions
Links are active in the Website column. Updated 1/23/09

White Paper: Moving Existing Homes Toward Carbon Neutrality
White paper from the ACI Summit: Moving Existing Homes Toward Carbon Neutrality

Approaching Net Zero Energy in Existing Homes
CMHC report detailing benefits, barriers, and progression to net zero energy performance. This 187 page report details the benefits, barriers, and progression to net zero energy performance. Appendix A features decision trees integrating historical, physical, and durability challenges with deep energy retrofits.

NCAT Major Retrofits - 1984
NCAT document offers historical perspective, construction details, etc.

New from Building Science Corporation
Click this link to view the report from Building Science Corporation about a deep energy retrofit of a Sears house

Resources on Superinsulation
This resource list was developed for the full day session, “The Devil in the Details, Superinsulating Existing Home Walls” during the ACI 09 Home Performance Conference in Kansas City. This is just a sample of useful handouts that are available by scanning “Past Events” Please send additional suggestions of resources to add to Linda Wigington,

Presentations by ACI on Deep Energy Reductions

Affordable Comfort for Canadians
Deep Energy Reductions in Existing Homes: Beyond Business as Usual by Linda Wigington presented October 29, 2009 in Toronto at Energy Retrofits for Houses: Affordable Comfort for Canadians.

3rd Annual North American Passive House Conference
Deep Energy Reductions in Existing Homes: Beyond Business as Usual by Linda Wigington

ACEEE Summer Study 2008
Deep Energy Reductions in Existing Homes: Strategies for Implementation; Presented by Linda Wigington

Alaska Building Science Network
Deep Energy Retrofits; Presented by Linda Wigington

*The links are provided solely as a resource. ACI (Affordable Comfort, Inc.) does not endorse any specific organization, study, product or service.

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